Ragnarok Online How To make More Zeny Faster and Become Rich in game.

 First thing Making More Zeny Depends on the server you playing and The drop rates.Hunting:-Hunt only the following things if the drop rates are good(higher than normal). Gold- Selling Price 100,000z with Over Charge 124,000z – Droped By Increase Soil/Mi Gao,Dokebi,Am Nut,Mineral,Plasma,Grand Peco etc. Treasure Box-Selling Price 150,000z with Over Charge 184,000z -Droped By Acidus(golden […]
by Siddharth Naik / March 15, 2010 /In Zeny

Ragnarok Online 3rd Jobs

Overview To change to a 3rd class, one must be level 99 of either the 2nd base class, or 2nd transcendent class. Changing to 3rd job is not like transcending, and you will remain level 99 when you change.If you chose to change to 3rd job before transcending, you will be unable to transcend in […]
by Siddharth Naik / September 27, 2009 /In Other
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