How to make Ragnarok Online skins

How to make Ragnarok Online skins

For Making Ragnarok Online Skins You need to know some basic of photoshop
like how to create new layers on a image

Required Things:

– Template skin
– Skin maker
– Adobe photoshop or paint shop pro or similar (but make sure you can use layers ..better to use photoshop 7.0 or higher versions)

Download Template Skin And Skin Maker:

Link –

Link – Rapidshare

Link – Mediafire

Lets get Started:-

Open the bmp template in photoshop. 

Press ctrl+A to select all the image, and copy it with ctrl+C, then press ctrl+N to create a new image and ctrl+V to paste the image.

Name the layer “template”.

Make a new layer and name it “transparency” for example, then go to “Select > Color range” and select “mangenta” from the drop down menu. Click ok. 

You’ll get some little selections, press ctrl+c to copy them and paste them (ctrl+v) on a new layer. 

Name it “transparency” for example. 

Again, make a new layer and name it “black” for example. 

Go to “Select > color range” and select “shadows” from the drop down menu and copy the selection with Ctrl+C. 

Make a new layer again and press Ctrl+V to paste what you copied before. Once again, go to “Select > Color range” and select “highlights” from the drop down menu and press Ctrl+X to cut the selection.

If the template layer is transparent where it shouldn’t be (for example, on buttons) make a new layer just under them (never put other layers between this one and the template layer), select the brush tool and paint those parts until you’ve finished with the non-desired transparencies.

Now you’ve finished with that and you can save the image as a psd document to use it everytime you want to make a skin. At the template layer.

Open the image you want to use as a background. Now is when your part comes, use your own creativity. 

Open the image you want to use for the skin and paste it under the template image. 

Remember that the text is always black so don’t use an image that’s too much dark (you can always use the Hue/saturation or Brightness/contrast properties to make it lighter).

If you want, you can change the template color by selecting it at the layers window and going to Image > Adjustments > Hue/saturation. There you can move the arrows until you’re happy with the color.

If you want you can also change the letters. To make this, type text above the template layer IN THE EXACT PLACE of the word or whatever you are going to change (otherwise, the skin will look weird and messy). 

Once you have placed it on the exact place, duplicate it and rasterize one of the layers, then change the text of the new one and place it on the correct place again.

Duplicate the text layer again and rasterize one of them, then press ctrl+E to merge it down with the first layer you rasterized and once again change the text layer’s text, duplicate it… etc. 

It’s all the time the same steps. When you have wrote all the text in the correct place, take the eraser tool, change the type to pen and select a square eraser. 

Select the template layer and erase the text (not the one you have entered/typed). 

This part takes much more time than the other ones(at least for newbie like me) so what you can do is once change all the text and save the psd and use the text for other skins. 

You can change that text color by changing the hue/saturation.

You have now finished with your skin, what you have to do now is flatten the image. Click on the arrow at the upper right corner of the layers window and click on “Flatten image”, then go to “Archive > Save as” and save it as a bmp. Bmp only not other type.

Go to the folder where you have the skins maker and open it.

Click on browse at the top field and select your bmp image. 

At the middle field you have to select your RO folder. It will normally be something like C:/Program Files/Gravity/RO (Do not select skin folder only RO Folder).

Type a name for your skin at the bottom field then click on “Create skins” or something like that.

Now you can use it on your own favourite Ro server.

Credit:- Celestial Star

Thanks For Reading ^_^

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