How To Change And Install Ragnarok Kafra Image

Want to make your own custom kafra like below?

Make your own kafra image of Size 320 width and 480 height in pixels.
Set the background color to RED 255 GREEN 0 BLUE 255 i.e RGB 255,0,255.

Use Photoshop because If you use paint then it will give will not give perfect image and will give some pink outline to remove that Use pencil tool to outline the your kafra image.
And Save them As Kafra_01 to 07 as your required map location given below.(Only .bmp format allowed)

Kafra_01 =Al De Baran (Inside) [84,166], Alberta Island [59,69], Archer’s Village [55,123], Izlude [134,88], Prontera [146,89]

Kafra_02= Alberta [28,229], Geffen Field 10 – Orc Village 73,340, Izlude Island 106,58,Kunlun 159,122, Louyang 210,104, Mont Jolnir 02 82,362, Payon 175,226, Prontera 248,42

Kafra_03=Al De Baran (Inside) [79,161], Geffen [120,62], Prontera [151,29]

Kafra_04=Geffen [203,123], Morroc [160,258], Prontera [282,200], Prontera Field 05 [290,224], Morroc Ruins – Pyramids 59,157

Kafra_05=Al De Baran [143,119], Al De Baran (Inside) [96,181], Morroc [156,97], Payon [99,116], Prontera [29,207], Yuno 152,187 / 327,108 / 277,221

Kafra_06=Alberta [113,60], Prontera Field 01 [198,47]

Kafra_07=Comodo 195,150,Comodo (Inside B) 146,180, Comodo Field 07 – Beacon Island 136,134, Umbala 87,160

Note: Niflheim 202,180 Kafra cannot be changed.

Or Download My Kafra Collection and Replace with above names (some files required to save as .bmp and some are already saved as .bmp)

Server 1- Ziddu

Server 2- MediaFire

Server 3- Rapidshare

Some People Say JPEG image also works but it does not work in many server.

Now what to Do with those images which you made or downloaded? First rename it as given above.The follow the following steps.There are two ways to do it (both the following ways work if the first way does not work or those folders are not there then go for another step)

First Way to do it

Copy your Favourite or made by you kafra image
Open Data Folder of Your Favourite Ro Client Folder
Now Open Texture folder

Now Open À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º Folder

Now Open illust Folder

Paste your Favourite Image in illust Folder

Rename Your Image As Kafra_01 or 02 or 03..07 (look for details above)

For Example you named it Kafra_07

If you have done properly the above steps then skip the following step and directly do final step as given below. If you getting problem to search those folders or they are not there then follow the following step.
Another Way to do it is.

Copy your Favourite or made by you kafra image

Go to Your Favourite Ro Client Folder and Open Skin Folder

Open The Default Folder
Select and open  The illust folder

Paste your Image inside it.
Rename Your Image As Kafra_01 or 02 or 03..07 (look for details above)
For Example you named it Kafra_07
Done with any of the above 1 step? Then

Do Final Step

Now Login your Ro Client And Go to the location of which Kafra you have changed currently I have changed of Comodo so I will go and check Comodo Kafra

Thanks For Reading ^_^

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