Ragnarok Online How to do the juice quest

How to do the juice quest:

To do the juice quest, you first need a piece of meat.
Meat x1
You can find a meat merchant in Prontera (63,124) who will sell it to you for 50z, or 38z fully discounted.
Go upstairs in the PVP room in Prontera (204,188). Talk to the mother, then to her son. Show him the meat but DO NOT give it to him. Speak to the mother again and she will tell you about a man who makes juice.
This man is located in a building in the top centre of the Payon Town. (155,325)
To make Juice you need:
Apple x1 + Empty Bottle x1 + 3z = Apple Juice x1
Carrot x1 + Empty Bottle x1 + 3z = Carrot Juice x1
Banana x1 + Empty Bottle x1 + 3z = Banana Juice x1
Grape x1 + Empty Bottle x1 + 3z = Grape Juice x1

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